The Victorian style of greenhouse makes a statement in any garden and is on the wish list of any gardeners worth their salt with a space to accommodate one. They can be pricey from the likes of Hartley Botanical or Alitex but Robinsons Victorian Greenhouses are really stealing the market with their 50% sale and a great product to boot.

The majestic Robinsons Ratcliffe is one of the best value Victorian greenhouses on the market and comes in a wide range of sizes the most common being 8’7” x 10’8”. It can however be any length you wish thanks to 8’1” extension modules.

This is a very strong greenhouse made using Robinson’s highly engineered box profile which helps it to maintain the elegant finish expected in such a feature greenhouse.
In addition the cast aluminium spandrels on each glazing bar at eaves and ridge height increase the strength and improve the Victorian look.

To accommodate the faster flow of rainwater running off the 45 degree pitch Victorian roof the elegant Victorian style extra wide guttering ensures that the water runs into the downpipes for collection and use if you wish.

The Ratcliffe is well appointed with adequate ventilation provided by a plentiful amount of automatic roof vents and a generous number of louvre vents, both of which vary in number depending upon the length of greenhouse.

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