Our Oak-fronted cart lodge are perfect for those looking for the classic look of a cart lodge with a traditional oak ‘goalpost’ to the front, but with the added affordability and quality of our Redwood sectional structure to the sides and rear!

With various options to choose from, we can build and install oak-fronted cart lodges up to 30m2 (1 Bay or 2 Bay) in a range of sizes to fit your needs.

For anything larger than 30m2 (3 Bay and larger), please see our Oak Framed Cart Lodges.

Available fully installed, or as a kit for customer collection and installation.



Oak-Fronted Cart Lodges

Our Oak-Fronted cart lodges are a genius hybrid of Oak and Redwood construction (for fully oak framed buildings, please see our Oak Framed Cart Lodges.) We use an oak ‘goalpost’ to the front to give the classic look, whilst the rest of the building is constructed from C24 grade Redwood framework and clad in traditional feather edge boarding, giving the building strength and longevity as well as the correct aesthetic. Not only that, but this keeps the costs down compared to a traditional fully oak-framed cart lodge!

 Fully installed, we offer the whole service including everything above the brickwork – whether pent or apex, and with EPDM Firestone rubber or pan tiles on the roof. We also offer a timber kit option for you to collect and install yourself if you are the hands-on type and wish to keep your costs down.

You can find some example prices below for Apex or Pent options, and with either the 150mm/6” or 200mm/8” oak goalpost frames that we offer.

Our Oak-Fronted Cart Lodges are only available as an open 2 Bay up to 30m2. For fully bespoke options or larger sizes, see our Oak Framed Cart Lodges.


Guttering, brickwork and concrete foundations are not included, but can be quoted for, if required.


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